About Inkliss

In the face of a quickly changing and cut-throat digital world, Inkliss was founded on timeless but often forgotten principles--that less is more, that quality is worth investing in and that beauty is not just a luxury, but an integral part of what makes us human. Armed with these nostalgic values, we set out to eschew the race to the bottom approach we feel many of today's book publishers are taking with our new generation of writers and readers. Instead of pushing out as much content as possible with as little investment as possible, we are searching for outstanding artists to truly partner with, releasing just one title per season. We feel this is only way to cut through the hot mess of our Times Square society, bringing content of the highest value to market, not just for profit, but for the betterment of our world. 

As a result of this unique approach, we feature only our current title. To learn about or order past titles, please contact Emma at hello@inkliss.com for a complete catalog. 

We are not accepting artist inquiries at this time. However, this is a list of publishers who accept un-represented authors.